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The SYA Sports Park, privately-owned and operated, provides world-class athletic fields and facilities for recreational and tournament use for children across Northern Virginia.

The 120 acre parcel of land was purchased through private funds and Phase 1 of the two phases opened in 2006. The project is nearly 40 percent complete but $4.5 million still needs to be raised to complete Phase 2 whose construction is already underway.

Phase II construction will include three full size rectangular fields, two 60′ diamond fields, one 90′ stadium diamond field, outdoor basketball courts, four volleyball sand courts and a full size track. All will be lit as well!

All necessary approvals have been obtained from the County of Fairfax.

What separates us from our non-profit association is that all of our funds come from private donations and we are judicious and efficient with every dollar we raise. 100% of your donation will go directly to the completion of the Sports Park.

Our presence in Northern Virginia has made a real difference in the life of 50,000+ young people. Our programs create a healthy, positive environment free from drugs, crime and gangs where kids learn the values of teamwork and competition with the support of dedicated coaches and engaged parents.

Please support the Phase 2 Construction of the Sports Park with a generous contribution. Please contact our Director of Development, Gary Flather, to learn more or arrange a tour.

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"I started in SYA in 1972. Over the years, SYA has provided our children Brandon, Mike, and Matt, opportunities that have had a huge impact on their development and success. The Snyders will be forever grateful to all the volunteers who have made SYA what it is and the positive impact they have had on our community, for many years. It takes a village to raise a child... it takes a community to raise a ball player." Brian Snyder SYA Dad/Coach
Owner - Snyder Baseball and Softball Academy 2001 - present
MLB Player 1979 - 1989