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SYA’s progress on this exciting project continues. The above photo shows the “Road to the Future”, literally! Below is the completed road and parking lot. This road leads us to our next phase in development, the creation of 7 more lit ball fields!

SYA Sports Park is our field of dreams.

SYA may be a nonprofit, but we see dividends paid out in every game, as kids grow stronger and more confident with every point, touchdown or score. Your donations of both time and money help kids from ages 4 to 19 become better people and citizens through competition and teamwork.

Support our expansion

The SYA Sports Park is at the heart of our plans to expand SYA’s mission and give more kids a chance at healthy fun in the sun. This 120-acre park presently has three full size rectangular fields, a unique 60′ skinned, infield diamond designed for house baseball, travel baseball and softball, one 60′ grass infield diamond, a cross-country course, fitness course, pavilion, snack bar, playground and batting cages.

With your help, our continued expansion will include three full size rectangular fields, two 60′ diamond fields, one 90′ stadium diamond field, outdoor basketball courts, four volleyball sand courts and a full size track. All will be lit as well!

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive Sports Park that will permit our entire Youth Association to have the opportunity to use every one of our fields.

SYA Sports Park Fun Facts

Admission is FREE!
We’re pet friendly. Bring Fido with you to enjoy the games, just bring him on a leash so he doesn’t go after the balls.
The Legacy Walkway is where you can put your personal stamp on the park. Buy and design your family’s brick today!
Come toss a Frisbee or have a picnic, the SYA Sports Park is a beautiful place to bring the family.
Our Bermuda grass fields are the highest quality in the area, kept pristine year round by a 250’ irrigation well, providing 100 gallons of water per minute.
"As the leader of SYA for 15 years, I am proud to be a part of this family and to be instrumental in the development of this great Sports Park" Gary Flather Executive President SYA 2003-2018
SYA Volunteer 1989-present